I approached orthodontia with trepidation. Concerns about bedside manner, pain, actual need, cost, and extensive time spent at appointments made me cautious about committing to the long-term orthodontist relationship my kids required.

I picked the perfect practice. Dr. Morris and his staff are efficient, effective, and-most importantly-kind. Dr. Morris is excellent at communicating the issues with my children's teeth, how to solve the problems, the duration of each step in the process, and billing options. His staff is delightfully organized, valued my time, and was graciously patient with all the quirks that come with children.

The nature of the world today is that specialist don't always have time to answer questions, go into details, or to take seriously what may be seemingly trivial concerns. Dr. Morris and his staff spent the time to make my children comfortable and answer our questions, and that makes our relationship a great one.

Bravery is required when someone is permanently attaching a palate expander to your mouth or braces to your teeth. It's far easier for our children to be brave when they have faith that the doctor and his staff so clearly has their best interests at heart. Many thanks to everyone at West Brook Orthodontic Center!

Elaine H.

Having two professional child actors, Dr. Morris has taken our specific needs into consideration. As braces are not an option for my kids, Dr. Morris has developed removable appliances to fit their lifestyles. He is an amazing doctor and has patiently met our ever-changing schedule and has worked closely with us as a family to ensure the beautiful smiles that my kids now have. THANK YOU Dr. Morris!!!!


Donna C.

There is no reason to go to another orthodontist. Dr. Morris is the one! Here’s why: He’s Great! And the results he provides are fabulous! He was awarded 2011 Top Doctor. He’s friendly, pleasant, patient, and he really knows his stuff. Even the most complicated cases are no problem for him. He listens to you and your desired results, and tells you exactly when and what will happen to get you there. And he’s genuinely concerned with your well-being while in his care. His staff is also fantastic--very pleasant, friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable too!

Do you need more? Ok. I had so many issues with my teeth that I stopped smiling because they were so crooked and I was embarrassed. Within 10 months of my 1st Invisalign set, I am amazed at the results. My teeth are STRAIGHT! I can’t remember when I last saw them this way. (I’m a little older girl but not that old!). I smiled the other day with my teeth showing and smiled more because they were straight. I wasn’t embarrassed anymore. I looked at the initial mold of my teeth before treatment, and the way they are now, and WOW. I’m shocked at the results. But Dr. Morris wasn’t. He knew it would happen and he made it happen. Ten months with Dr. Morris erased years of embarrassment. And my teeth are much healthier now too.

While I always totally trusted Dr. Morris, I am still amazed at the difference. I have more treatment to go, but am very happy with results to this date. If you’re in doubt, don’t be. You will be more than happy with Dr. Morris, his knowledge and expertise and very satisfied with the results and experience that he and his office staff provide. Oh and P.S.-- He’s just a nice guy too! THANK YOU, Dr. Morris!!!!!

Totally Satisfied,


It has been many years that my children have been under your care and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all you have done for them. When I was directed to you by my dentist when my children were only eight years old I had some doubts and could not understand how such early intervention was needed. I remember asking you “why would I want to put a palatal expander on them and change their anatomy?” Your answer was most convincing when you said “isn’t taking eight permanent teeth out later not changing the child's anatomy?” I went to you with such high recommendations from people in the field, I just had to believe in you--so then came the different steps and years of orthodontic treatment.

Step by step not only did their teeth come into place but all the steps made such sense. My daughter especially was not an easy case. From having a cross-bite, a palatial expander, oral surgery to remove impossible rooted baby teeth, to having chains put on the canines to move them over to prevent them from coming in over other teeth, to braces, to retainers, to a smile that is nothing less than stunning!!!! My son was much more routine but not with any less wonderful results. I believe in you so much after seeing the end result that if I had another child who needed your service, I would just go in blindly and say “do whatever you think is necessary”.

My children often comment, when they see other children who have not had orthodontic care, that they are so happy we were able to fix their teeth. I know it has given them great self confidence in themselves and that alone has been worth everything. You have been flexible and once even going above what most doctors do by coming in, especially on your day off, because my daughter’s bracket was irritating her gum and needed to be fixed. This investment in their teeth has paid off far more than the cost.

I sing your praise over and over and I tell anyone who needs ortho care that you are the best orthodontist. My beautiful children's smile is all the proof.

I thank you sincerely for all you have done and I count myself lucky for having been directed to you. You are a perfectionist in a field that it is necessary and my children's results are nothing less than perfect.

Thank you so much!

Patricia W.

Tomorrow my son will get his braces off! I just wanted to let everyone know how wonderful Dr Morris and his staff are. Vincent has been going there for five years and I strongly recommended this office to everyone.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful job you did on Vincent's teeth--they look beautiful. Thanks again!


Krystyna M.

Thank you for helping to brighten up every day with my straight teeth! I greatly appreciate all your help and patience!

Jennifer C.

I would like to express my thanks for everything you have done for me over the last three years. I have always felt comfortable coming to the office and cannot think of a better place to come for such important treatment. I am especially grateful for your accommodation in getting my braces off before I go back to school and I really appreciate it.

Caroline M.

Both of my children have been patients of Dr. Morris for the past 6 years. We’ve always found him to be extremely knowledgeable and skilled, as well as patient and caring. Dr. Morris always provides a detailed explanation prior to performing any procedure and offers helpful advice regarding post-treatment care. Similarly, his staff is courteous and always helpful. My oldest daughter has finished her orthodontic care under Dr. Morris, and we are extremely pleased with the results. I would clearly recommend seeking care under Dr. Morris’ practice.

Susan M.

I started seeing Dr. Morris when I was seven; I am now seventeen and my teeth look great! Dr. Morris and his staff made orthodontic treatment enjoyable. Other doctor’s offices can seem unfriendly, but not at the West Brook Orthodontic Center. The assistants take the time to talk to you every time you sit down in the treatment chair. The receptionists are welcoming and make scheduling the appointments easy. They seem like family and not only co-workers. They work together in a way that I have never seen in any office. If you want a pleasant atmosphere with friendly workers, then this is the place for you!

Tash L.

Our children have been patients of Dr. Morris since the spring of 2001 when our older son, who was then eight years of age, started wearing retainers. Now, the same son is wearing retainers again, having just had his braces removed, and the difference in his smile is dramatic! Our younger son is currently wearing braces, and although his treatment is still ongoing, the difference is already quite significant. Both boys had distinctly different issues with their teeth but each presented an orthodontic challenge. We are so pleased with the outcome of their respective treatments and their “million dollar” smiles. Dr. Morris is a skilled practitioner and we highly recommend him to anyone seeking these services.

The office staff has also been exemplary. During the years which our children have been under the care of Dr. Morris, we have never experienced a broken appointment, delayed service or anything less than complete professionalism. This is a well thought out, carefully planned and implemented procedure designed to deliver beautiful smiles. Dr. Morris is a skilled practitioner and we highly recommend his services!

Debra & Bill M.

After many years of bringing my four children to Dr. Morris, I finally got the chance to get Invisalign treatment for myself. As a dental hygienist, I was well aware of the irregularities of my teeth. The process was easy and such an improvement over my last experience with braces in the 60’s. I am so happy with the results. I would highly recommend Invisalign and Dr. Morris’ expertise to everyone. Thank you, Dr. Morris and staff for the great treatment that I received in your practice.

Karen K.

Our eldest daughter has been a patient of the West Brook Orthodontic Center for the last 3 years. During this time period, we are happy to report, we've noticed outstanding visual and functional improvements to her teeth. The appliances issued by Dr. Stanley Morris not only improved her bite substantially but allowed my daughter's "already beautiful smile" to shine through even more. The enhancements are apparent and significant! My daughter is just ecstatic with the results as we are.

Not only is Dr. Morris a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner and professional but he is also extremely kind and courteous to all who walk through his doors. He has a knack for breaking down elaborate explanations so children can understand diagnosis, protocol, procedures and treatment as well as the parents. His positive and "easy going" manner create a comfortable and desirable experience for children--thus allowing office visits to be easy on all those involved. His "entertainment centered" waiting area also aids in keeping patients siblings occupied.

We cannot say enough good words about the West Brook Orthodontic Center staff. Besides being friendly and considerate, the team of Jodi, Veronica, Pat and Linda is genuinely concerned about the welfare and care of the patients and their families. They are quick to assist with respect to appointment scheduling and financial terms and planning. They love what they do and this shows as they converse with all of us in the waiting room.

West Brook Orthodontic Center - highly recommended!

Frank & Patricia L.

As a child, my parents trusted Dr. Morris to give me a beautiful smile. He was wonderful! So, of course, when it was time for my own children to have work done, I didn't think twice about sending them to Dr. Morris. He is a great orthodontist and has worked miracles with my smile and he is doing the same with my children! His staff makes you feel comfortable and right at home. I couldn't be happier!

Jackie H.

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